Hi, I'm Steve Deeks, I'm pleased to present my signature course, Present to Win, the ultimate presenting skills and communications workshop.

I authored my course over a twenty-year period, initially because my sponsors, partners and ‘live’ show clients demanded it, wanting me to empower their key people. I then took it on the road Worldwide, working everywhere from Doha to Asolo for some of the biggest global brands – from business people to elite athletes, I’ve trained everyone from sales people to World Champions – and I love doing it.

In 2020 I took my course to the next level. Having spent the year delivering ZOOM training globally, mastering the medium, and delivering interactive online launch events for switched-on manufacturers, I’ve upgraded Present to Win to include all the skills necessary to shine in the virtual universe.

Present to Win will never be finished; the fun is adapting it every time I deliver, to keep it the most essential, relevant training programme for people and business who want to excel.

Pick up the ‘phone, or drop me an email. I’m ready to come and add power to your presentation.



"Steve was asked to bring Present to Win to Alpinestars and in so doing has made a directly measurable impact on the presentation competence on the key executives who attended the course. The course was well conceived, with an impressive amount of preparation, which lead to a very relevant and motivating day of training. Steve’s professionalism and current, wide ranging, presentation experience made a real difference to the outcome of the course and subsequent results have proved impressive."