In 1979, as a flying-mad teenager, I spent a weekend at Biggin Hill, going through aircrew selection to fly Sea Harriers for the Fleet Air Arm.

I felt like an Ace amongst Aces passing my Pilot's Co-ordination and Pilot's Maths, along with Navigator's Coordination - but failed Navigator's Maths by 3%. I was advised to re-apply a year later - but decided to go motor racing instead.

My love of aviation never went away - in-fact it grew stronger over the years.

Today I have ratings for four different helicopter 'types' - and three 'fixed wing'. I also hold a helicopter 'Night Rating', and am on course to qualify for my professional drone pilot's licence, so able to undertake commercial filming projects from January onwards.

I have hundreds of flying hours logged in all kinds of aircraft, all over the World. In Los Angeles I flew a Bell Jet Ranger for the traffic reporter for KISS FM; from Majorca I delivered an R44 helicopter to the UK, crossing the Pyrenees in the process. I've completed two Robinson factory safety courses, a mountain flying training - in short, 'I fly, and I know things'.



"Steve was my coach and mentor for a Rotax Max test day at Whilton Mill. I'm an experienced kart and car racer, and from start to finish Steve was able to pitch his advice and guidance for me at the perfect level. He immediately knew how much detail to delve into during our track walk, and his post session debriefs were exactly as focused and useful as you would expect from someone of his experience. It's sometimes tough to give driving advice to an already experienced driver, without coming across as patronising - yet Steve had the approach finely honed. Everything he suggested to me had a genuine on-track benefit, and he was able to talk both authoritatively and as a supportive friend. It's hard to think of a day that I've spent in a car or kart that was as productive and fun as my test day with Steve, and I'd wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach for anyone of any experience level."